SAM_0601 FINDING JOY WITH ART Welcome! I am happy to share some of my artwork with you on this site, as well as the fruits of my work as an art instructor and healing arts facilitator.  Forever passionate about painting, and creating art in various media, I also consider myself a teaching artist. It gives me great satisfaction to inspire a love of art and art history in my students at Solomon Schechter School in Newton, MA.  Another mission is to bring works of art, healing arts programming, and yoga experiences to groups and individuals, including those with medical and emotionally compromised situations.  I consider myself an art advocate for improving quality of life for all through the arts and healing arts. This website features some of my own art work as well as projects and "art partnerships"  with local hospitals and healthcare centers. To see a more extensive viewing of my students artwork, click on my site: www.joywithart.com   Paintings are for sale or for lease to your business or healthcare facility. Yoga, Art lessons, and consults are available to implement art programming. Please feel free to contact me by email:  healingwithart@hotmail.com, or phone: 781-856-2089 Thanks for your interest in my work! Susan